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Dear CAT Aspirants,
May all your hard work before the exam be rewarded!

VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur Admissions wishes you all the very best for CAT 2019! 

Hello all, Please help me to understand if I can get a call from VGSoM MBA for the following profile? General, engg, male Cat-90-91% 10th- 93 12th-94.3 Btech- mech-80.69 Work ex- Infosys-33 months.

What was the last year's cut off for general or EWS category if EWS was applied last year? Will VGSOM apply ews this year?


Hii all Kindly help me to know whether I should apply or not with the following profile Cat - 30/30/26 oa-86 Percentile-82-83 Ncobc female 10th-9.8 12th-93.67 Bcom hons-7.568 Work ex-1year App score is 14

Is there any sectional cutoff? 

Hi, i have 6.74 cgpa in a 10 pointer scale according to the formula provided in my marksheets but 59.9% in purely percentage terms. Am i eligible to apply?


The Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur proudly announces the successful completion of final placements for the batch of 2018-20 in record time.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our esteemed recruiters for their support and congratulate the students of VGSoM for this achievement.

what level of CFA gets that extra 1 mark? Just level 1 is enough or all 3 levels are required?

10th - CBSE 9.6/10 12th Stateboard 97.4% Btech 8/10 (final year student) General male with no experience. Cat score: 127 slot-1 Is there chance for call?


Hi everyone,

A serious question to all Alumni students of 


FMS Delhi

SJSoM IIT Bombay

VGSoM IIT Kharagpur

DoMS IIT Delhi

JBIMS Mumbai

IIFT Delhi

I belong to PwD category and I don't have both hands, I would like to know the ease of semester examination in each college to decide for which college I need to target for my MBA course( Note- I know scribe will be provided. But I want to write the exams on my own and I have already started learning writing on my own)

Please help me regarding following questions.. 

1) No. of  courses per each semester ( I want to choose the college with least one)

2) Semester Examination Procedure

3) Time for each examination

4) How will be assignments need to be submitted

5) Any extra time provided for people like me

Please help me in this


CFA level 2 June 2020 aspirants!! 

Arif Video Lectures are available! these videos are best to prep for level 2!

Anyone who passed level 1 can vouch on this! 

Available at very nominal rate (just want to share the cost)

DM for more details!

PS: level 1 videos are available for free on IFT learning portal

According to the cgpa formula given, what would 7.05 be in percentage

My acads are 88/82/7.05 . 18 months work ex and 129 in cat. According to ar score of last year I won't get a call. Will that score remain the same this year or should I fill the form. Any help will be appreciated

How do i calculate the AR score? I read the procedure online but i am not sure how to take the CAT score for AR. Can someone please help?

I have got a CAT raw score of 105 which is expected to cross 90%ile . With 10th/12th/grad as 95/94.9/9.311 and 18 months of work exp  can i get a call ?

Hi everyone,

Upto which date the workex is being calculated if someone is currently working?