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Guys post you ammcet  1810 scores 

Ammcet 1810 Ar-19 Qa-32 Lr-41 Va-17 OA-109 Percentile-98.49 AIR-18

which test series to join for mbacet?

Guys pls suggest some study material for mh i have cleared all my basics from rs what next..??please help..

For those of you who are just starting off with CET prep, this video may help:

CL CMAT mock-3

ammcet 08 scores?

Ims simcet1 scores??

SIMCET 1 score 58

was after xat 👍 

i know not great score but i want to share and improve...

attempt 89 accuracy 65.17 %

Can someone share SIMCET 1 test link???

Hello Puys, suggestions for the best CMAT test series?.. experienced candidates most welcome to share their opinions too

Anyone here giving more than one test series and scoring above 100 ? I want a advise regarding which test series to join from ims/cetking?

how to improve abstract reasoning and DI calc?

Do I need to buy CET mocks separately? I had the CAT mocks for TIME and IMS

Source for preparing Abstract/Visual Reasoning?

which test series is good ims/cetking/learningroots??

Post your IMS SimCET1 scores and percentiles here!

Any idea how many people appeared for simcet1?

how is cetking for mhcet mocks?